Ossi Viola and Lo Selbo sing the odyssey. The Berliners met for the first time in the local church of Rome’s Portonaccio neighborhood in 2011. Shortly after, Ossi and Lo were a couple and began to sing together in Itaca. Although both live and work in Berlin, they decided to sing in the language of their first meeting. Itaca developed their peculiar style, which is influenced by Italian cantautori of the 70s (Battisti, Battiato, Dalla), Europop of the 80s (Yazoo, Humal League) and Avant-Electro of the new millennium (The Knife, Animal Collective).

After first Berlin shows in 2013, Itaca were invited to play the infamous Ostiapalusa Festival in June 2014. The moment Ossi and Lo sang the chorus of “Ispirami”, looking each other in the eyes, reciting their lyrics “vediamo il cielo ruotare, come un vinile | una ridda di mondi canta per noi | so ho un mio mondo dentro di me | Ispirami!” the audience bursted into an emotional hurricane. It seemed a new canzone popolare was in the air.

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